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Judy Dingler 

DBA  Seeking Serenity

Classes and workshop  are always being planned and scheduled.

Monday Night Meditation:

I have been facilitating Monday night Meditation for many years.  The meditation is a wonderful place to go on a custom journey of self exploration where you can release, meet with loves ones, clear energy and experience total peace even in our busy daily lives. 

Development Workshops:

Teaching Development classes is a wonderful experience for me because I get to see you come in starting new and leave with a new sense of purpose and understanding .  

You are taught and given a foundation that you are about to build upon.

I am certain that when you leave you will have a new understanding on where to go next...Sometimes it is onto an advanced class.  

Advanced classes are invite only and only once you have attended the basic development class. 

If you are interested in checking out classes and workshops and events please click the link below and check it out and register.