Judy Dingler 

DBA  Seeking Serenity

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First of all...you host the spiritual gathering and create a safe welcoming space. This space is a place I have brought many loved ones and their lives were touched by the mystical openings which are generated there. In addition, you and your work were introduced to my life and my loved ones just when we needed it. I have made some immediate friends inside this space you provide, including you. My gratitude is boundless."

Lillian Connelly



"I have been in your company when you have read others. I find your messages to be comforting and peaceful. Your Reiki sessions are unlike anything else I have experiences. It's emotional, powerful and peaceful. You are so good at what you do...it's obvious that you have a strong belief and powerful energy".

Peg Wilson


"I love coming to your classes and so does my daughter. It has taught us a lot and gotten me in touch with finding my own spirituality. I've had a private reading as well and enjoyed that a lot. Told me some things that I needed to know".

Kim D'Ambrosio Vicario


"the night you and your healing group sent me healing right after Bruce passed...and I almost melted into the floor....lol!! xoxo"

Mary Abrahams


"you did a reading for me right bf Christmas 2013, and it was one of the most moving, and spiritual experiences I've ever had! I refer to "your notes" often, taking your "advice" from the reading and have made some positive changes as a result. You made me feel so comfortable and you were so accurate in my reading. I am looking forward to attending your groups on Monday/Wednesday soon!"

Lisa Juliano


"you started to do Reiki on me in 2010. You gave me several messages during these sessions many of which were validated After that I decided to take Reiki I and II. The energy and the messages are very powerful. Now I am in your class trying to learn more ad develop my own gifts My mom also had a reading with you this past august and you told her something would happen around 6 months and it was validated 6 months later"

Dawn DiNiglio


"Yesterday you gave me a Path session and said the word "fractal" and then said "where did that come from". I just woke up and realized that "pure light" our quick healing protocol is fractal, it repeats infinitely and instantaneously with self love and forgiveness. The understanding of this word alone has increased the power of The Path significantly. Thank you."

Rebecca Cohen


"I have been coming to your class since the summer. The messages you have gotten for me have been very comforting and extremely valuable! What you have taught me has truly changed the direction of my life. What the universe has in store, I don't totally know yet, but I have learned from you how to relax and listen for it's messages. I have drastically reduced the amount of pain I was in everyday of my life by learning how to protect myself. You taught me how. My awakening went from a crawl to moving ahead with ease and at rate I would never have been able to achieve on my own. You have opened my eyes to a new world. I am Grateful!"

Ruthie Earley